Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Always Plan Your Life In Pencil - Never Pen

Plans change.  And though the plans that change sometimes involve the smallest of details, I've found it best to just accept that I should always use a pencil while planning.  The last several weeks have brought on a significant amount of decision-making and changing of plans, most having to do with our wedding in December, but it's all worked out better than I imagined.

My original Wedding Inspiration Board...Things have definitely changed!

For instance, I've been looking for a wedding dress over the past few months.  I knew what 'look' I wanted, I was up for doing something daring with the cut and especially the color and I had my photos of my favorite dresses cut out and pasted into my personal 'lookbook.'  However, most of the dresses were nowhere to be found and those that were ended up looking not quite as nice as I'd hoped.  By the time I got to my third dress boutique, I was exhausted and not expecting to find anything I hadn't already seen.  I was almost ready to give up and just order the Jenny Packham gown in my size straight from the designer, using about 1/3 of our wedding budget to do so, just to be able to end the process.

Five star rating in Rogers for this shoppe!
All I can say is THANK GOD for our wedding planner Heather at Inspired Grace Weddings who knows us as a couple (David and me) inside and out, has memorized our thoughts and expectations for the tone of the wedding, which would include the tone of the dress, and was able to bring excitement to the experience that day so I could really enjoy being with my mom and my aunt.  My consultant at She Said Yes
Bridal was also amazing; she was a sweet and very intuitive girl who really loved her work and made sure to pull dresses with Heather that incorporated elements in the dresses that I highlighted heavily in my book. Admittedly, I didn't end up buying any of the dresses I had pasted into my 'lookbook.'  However, I WAS able to buy all of the beautiful attire that I'll be saying my vows in and also have a first dance my new husband and celebrate all night long with my best friends. 

To check out more updates on our wedding (sorry, no sneak peeks at white wear), fun photos of the wedding party, beautiful images and info about the unique venue and historic accommodations, and little humor from the groom, go to www.InventingTheEngles.com

This is one of my favorite quotes, and I've been having to learn it over and over recently.  It's going to continue be a challenge for me to not just accept where I am but try to grow and flourish while I'm here.