Friday, January 23, 2015

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I've started a craft that I love doing, but LOVING something does not equal being GOOD at something.  I'm just not sure how to figure out where I fall on the spectrum.  I'm asked people like my parents, friends, husband, other family members; I feel like all of them may feel required to say that I'm a lot better at something than I actually am.  But, maybe they're telling the truth -- may I am good at what I love to do.

Who knows.  The more I do it, the better I am anyway, so at least I'll get in some good practice, haha.

These aren't the best photos of some of the cards I've made, but use your imagination.  Creating these bring me so much joy, and isn't that what your life should be about: finding what brings you joy and doing it?!  Obviously there are other things I like to do more like travel and work events, but my health doesn't always cooperate.  (Hopefully I WILL get to travel in a few weeks, so yay for that.  Astana is gorgeous, and the people and arts are beautiful there.  I can't wait to hear those magical words "Yes, you're healthy enough to leave the country!")  Please, please, please.  Making these are something that's calming and pretty unaffected by my health.


I'm a great collector of quotes, which means I don't give many worth much myself.  Anyway, I always feel like signing off with a quote, so I'm going to seize the day.

"The strange power of art is sometimes it can show that what people have in common is more urgent than what differentiates them." 
-John Berger  

I love what this power of art says about not art, but people.  We WANT, we NEED to be brought together and what we choose to help us do just that is art a lot of times.  A beautiful thing.