Friday, August 16, 2013

{Back to school} Pinch of Pastel, Dash of Sparkle and a Hint of Print

{Back to school} Pinch of Pastel, Dash of Sparkle and a Hint of Print

Sugar Reef short dress

Wallis bird print top

$125 -

Shine shiny pants

Zign brown boots
$130 -

Oasis cross body
$55 -

J crew

White purse

Cotton shoulder bag
$24 -

Orly genger necklace
$345 -

Michael kors bracelet


Witchery round glasses
$64 -

Speck laptop case

Butter london

Postalco stationery

Lsa international
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Storage shelving
$16 -

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Art As A Vehicle For Change: "La vie est chère et les temps sont dure"

Could And Would It Ever Be Integrated Into An Early Childhood Educational Curriculum Praising A Political Or Social Outcome As Its Purpose?

This is by no means a new concept.  We accept art as social commentary even when that purpose is unintentional by the artist; we search for it, grab it and gladly reappropriate a work to serve our cause(s) as the viewer.

It still never ceases to amaze me how much awareness can be brought to an injustice through the work of an artist or team of artists.  I would even go so far to say that the belief in the ability to change or shed light on an unfortunate situation through using artistic talent and skill is the driving force behind more artists than any other force to create works.  Here's hoping that we can recognize that fact and use it in our education system to give students the chance to use art as something more than singular expression - it can be an acceptable form of communication of the need for change in an area to which they'd like to draw attention.

Check out this excerpt from

EndingHunger team recently received a powerful music video from a team of Cameroonian musicians. The video starts with a couple’s quarrel about rising food prices. “How can I live on so little money?” the wife nags and her husband gets angry.{READ MORE AT THE LINK BELOW}

 "The producer and the cast of this video clip are all from Cameroon where political unrest spilled over into protests over food and fuel prices."  -

La vie est chère et les temps sont dure.”

Oui. Read more on & follow the cause @EndingHunger on Twitter.