Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wedding Inspiration Board

Wedding Inspiration Board

Wedding Inspiration Board by asebourn featuring ball gowns

I am so in love with these Winter colors right now and how they can look modern by using clean lines and a chevron pattern.  The textures, especially on the necklace, dress and headband, are also a great way to play around with these cool colors.  I'm less inclined to make an inspiration board with warm colors because I despise Summer in the south, but we'll see.  I have a feeling I won't be able to resist!

Ciao, and stay warm!  
- A

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A White Diamond Christmas

Christmas lights around the gate

This was the best Christmas I've had in my entire life.  That's a pretty bold statement, because twice I've gotten new cars Christmas morning from my sweet parents.  Christmas is always very special because of the incredible event that it marks - the birth of Christ. 

Taffy, our cat, looking quite festive next to my watch

However, this Christmas, I received some pretty amazing gifts, particularly the jewelry.......................
my parents gave me a new beautiful Marc Jacobs watch! --------->

Okay, okay, yes the watch was gorgeous.  It's not what made this Dec. 25th the best Christmas I've had so far.  I'll let my story continue with photos:

My amazing boyfriend became my fiance!  A beautiful proposal on my front porch while it was snowing on Christmas afternoon led to me saying "Yes, of course!" and then crying many, many tears of joy!   
David is excited and keeping it together.  I'm excited and crying like a baby, haha  Thank goodness for waterproof mascara!
A ring he designed especially for me, and it was made of conflict-free diamonds (something that's important to us both!).  He had some help from my sweet friends and family, too.  The result is the above: a gorgeous symbol of a promise to spend our lives together!

We just couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate in the snow!  We haven't had a white Christmas in a long time, so the weather made this day even more special.  The mistletoe didn't hurt either... :)

A very snowy candy cane heart.  It was really coming down at that point, and we were freezing!

This is my favorite shot of the night.  He said "I want to dip you" and I replied "umm..okay?" kind of nervously.  But in this moment, I completely forgot the camera and pretty much the rest of the world except for the two of us.  Looking at this photo now, I still get caught in that moment.   

 So, that's my Christmas story.  I started the day happy and thankful, and I ended it happy and thankful, but also blessed to be able to say that I'll get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend by my side. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beautiful Blazers in Every Style

Beautiful Blazers in Every Style
Lovely blazers in basics, patterns and colors! 

Beautiful Blazers in Every Style by asebourn 

 Blazers are a staple in my personal wardrobe because I can always find one to throw on, no matter the occasion!  That's why they're a must-have item for anyone in any season; you simply can't go wrong with a well-made blazer.  Another wonderful aspect of this fabulous item is that you can find one at any price point.  You can get them from anywhere from Topshop, Elizabeth and James and even Chanel.  

I stock up on basic blazers (my favorite basic is navy) so that I'll have three or four that go with everything.  Then, I have a few not-so-basic blazers that I just adore, like my plaid blazer (which is tailored to make it sure it's still feminine), and my mint and coral blazers.  The plaid blazer gets a lot of wear in the winter, and the coral and mint colors look fabulous during the transition into Spring and Summer.  Check out some of my favorites above and see below to find out where to buy them! 

Next post: Home for the Holidays!

A L C wool blazer
$400 -




Oasis tweed jacket
$97 -

Dorothy perkin


Lace jacket
$54 -

$53 -

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Change your thoughts

It's true, ya know.  Your world is not reality.  I'm not talking Matrix-y stuff here, I just mean that how you see the world is based on your thoughts of how things are, as opposed to how things ACTUALLY are.  Your thoughts play such a huge role in your life; so much so that they produce a world.  So if you're in a rut, things aren't going well, etc., yeah it stinks, but change something.  Change something you're thinking about negatively into a positive, and all of a sudden you've taken a huge step toward changing you world!

And it doesn't mean that something upsetting hasn't happened to you, or that you should deny a major life change or setback.  It just means that you can acknowledge it, think a little differently than you would normally think in this situation, and everything around you changes.  You can make that happen.  I've always wanted to change the world someday, just like everyone else wants to change it.  I'm taking baby steps, though...I'm just trying to change my world for now. :)


Change your thoughts
Change your thoughts by asebourn on Polyvore

Think happy...Be happy!  (great sign from Altar'd State)
A sneak peek into my next post.  If you're guessing it's about an obsession with blazers, then you're right!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Holiday Hostess

I cannot express enough how much I *LOVE* Christmas and the entire Winter holiday season!  It brings out the creative side in me (okay, that's already there, but it brings it out even more, if that's possible) and gives me a chance to see all of my favorite people and wear pretty clothes.  Hosting a party is a great excuse to try out new recipes, decorate your house with holiday 'tablescapes' and DIY projects and last, but certainly not least, you get to buy and wear clothes that you can only wear to a holiday party!  No, I'm not talking about sweaters with snowmen on them or sweatshirts equipped with battery packs and twinkling fronts; I'm talking the sparkly, the lacy, the red and green plaid, the outfits that look silly except during the holidays.

It's also time to get rid of coats you don't need or don't fit anymore, so as you're buying your new 'hostess with the mostess' outfit, make sure to give away one older/gently worn item for each new one purchased :).  It may just make another person's holiday warm and bright!  Here are some places that take donations close to me:  Big Brothers Big Sisters, Our House's 'My Favorite Thrift Store,' and to look through a compiled list of more places, visit Donation Drop Off.  What can you find near you? 

Happy Holiday Hostess
Yummy treats and a hostess-worthy outfit to match!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inflight Enjoyment

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Such Great Heights 

This is somewhere between Little Rock and Cincinnati
I know flying is an anxiety-ridden task for most people.  I even have close friends that would rather drive 1,000 miles each way than get on a plane!  So, maybe I'm just strange for saying this, but I love traveling by plane.  And this is not a new obsession, because I've been a frequent flyer with skymiles ever since I can remember, but it's the breathtaking (literally) view that you can only get when you're flying so high that you look down upon the clouds. 

Purple haze filled the atmosphere yesterday
On my first flight yesterday, I hit the jackpot by being able to sit over the wings and watch the sunset just as we were clearing the clouds.  It's incredible to think that there was so much cloud cover that separated the passengers from everyone on land.  I loved that moment when all of a sudden you break through the "turbulence" to look down upon it and see it in a whole new way.  It doesn't look turbulent at all!  From above it's a fluffy, soft blanket that moves in quiet, slight waves.  With the appearance of the blinding sunset, the blanket has beautiful highlights and shadows and the sleek wing of the aircraft reflects what's becoming a softer light as the sun sinks lower below the clouds.

Now, that's a view you definitely can't get on a road trip.

My carry-on bag always includes a light & funny book, the latest issue of Vogue and my laptop.  However, these are my air travel essentials: 
Sunglasses that block out sunlight for a nice inflight snooze

A chunky cardigan, usually w/ a fun print

Moisturizing hand lotion and lip balm

You can find these items here:

*LA Boutique's The Giselle Cardigan

Fossil sunglasses

Burt's Bees Basics  

Save travels to you all, whether by plane, train or automobile!