Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inflight Enjoyment

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Such Great Heights 

This is somewhere between Little Rock and Cincinnati
I know flying is an anxiety-ridden task for most people.  I even have close friends that would rather drive 1,000 miles each way than get on a plane!  So, maybe I'm just strange for saying this, but I love traveling by plane.  And this is not a new obsession, because I've been a frequent flyer with skymiles ever since I can remember, but it's the breathtaking (literally) view that you can only get when you're flying so high that you look down upon the clouds. 

Purple haze filled the atmosphere yesterday
On my first flight yesterday, I hit the jackpot by being able to sit over the wings and watch the sunset just as we were clearing the clouds.  It's incredible to think that there was so much cloud cover that separated the passengers from everyone on land.  I loved that moment when all of a sudden you break through the "turbulence" to look down upon it and see it in a whole new way.  It doesn't look turbulent at all!  From above it's a fluffy, soft blanket that moves in quiet, slight waves.  With the appearance of the blinding sunset, the blanket has beautiful highlights and shadows and the sleek wing of the aircraft reflects what's becoming a softer light as the sun sinks lower below the clouds.

Now, that's a view you definitely can't get on a road trip.

My carry-on bag always includes a light & funny book, the latest issue of Vogue and my laptop.  However, these are my air travel essentials: 
Sunglasses that block out sunlight for a nice inflight snooze

A chunky cardigan, usually w/ a fun print

Moisturizing hand lotion and lip balm

You can find these items here:

*LA Boutique's The Giselle Cardigan

Fossil sunglasses

Burt's Bees Basics  

Save travels to you all, whether by plane, train or automobile!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Blues in Winter!

I'm a Blues Traveler

Tavik swimwear

Pocket Address Book
$19 - oliverbonas.com

Sometimes, you just go through a color phase.  Blue photos and items were really catching my eye this week, so that explains the set above.  It's a kind of inspiration board.  For what, I'm not sure of yet.  I just know that I chose certain images and shades for a reason and they end up on my polyvore boards (I was really loving the robins egg blue and the navy blue here).  If you haven't checked out my Polyvore account, be sure to do so.  You can find the link by either clicking on the board above or going to the top of this page and click over from home to the Follow Me section. You should see a logo and you can check out my full account from there.  :)

By the way, check out misskl.com for more great finds like this super cute and cozy Free People beanie!  The site has items from some of my favorite designers and brands like House of Harlow 1960, Betsey Johnson, Alexander Wang, and so many more!  There's even a vintage section (swoon)!  Be careful though - you can window shop for days on the site!    

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Thanks by Looking Good (Pt. 1)

My favorite fashions that give back this season (Pt. 1)

It's the season of giving, but let's be honest: this is the time of year when we spend the most money on the people we know and love and ourselves (c'mon, you want to look good in all the family photos during the holidays!).  Not that any of this spending is wrong, of course.  You sister is going to love her earrings you're getting her for Christmas, your dad is in total need of a new wallet, and your own Christmas list is probably full of gorgeous fashion that you can't afford to get for yourself.

So, let's make this shopping time a win-win-win situation.  Yes, that's three wins.  Let's see:
1) the person loves the gift you give them = WIN
2) the feeling you get after the person opens the gift and loves it = WIN
3) the charitable cause that received money after you bought the gift = WIN
You can have all three!  Buying something that has that charitable label on it no longer means having a colored bracelet with a phrase or symbol on it.  Here are some of my favorite brands and fashions that are included in this triple-win scenario:

Altar'd State Brand

Altar'd State is a store with a boutique feel, but carrying mostly 'giveback' brands.  It carries charitable brands like Toms, FEED, FashionABLE, Krochet Kids, Rockwell Tharp, Jedidiah, and now it's own charitable namesake brand, Altar'd State

 Here are some of my current favorite pieces from the Altar'd State Brand, available in stores or online-

Pinned Image
Peak-A-Boo Pleat Dress $69
Pinned Image
Trinity Teardrop Necklace in Green$22
Altar’d State Loose Pocket Sweater
Loose Pocket Sweater $49
(A portion of the proceeds from every Altar'd State brand purchase will be donated to feed, shelter, clothe and educate children around the world.)

Market Bag, $68

If you're a shopaholic, consider purchasing a reusable bag from Apolis x Steven Alan.  The company uses a co-op in India to create these handcrafted totes that are functional and fashionable!  This handy bag will also help you avoid that pesky bag tax (if your state has one).  Can't you just picture tall loaves of french bread sticking out, or a gorgeous scarf tied to the handle?

Next post: more triple-win charitable gifts including jewelry, scarves and more!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Pretty in Plaid

Usually I tell people (especially guys) to stay away from plaid because, well, eww.  However, a good plaid coat or jacket is a big fat YES during Fall and Winter.  Just looking at some of the plaids from the F/W 2012 collections makes me feel all warm and cozy, ready to sit and read by the fireplace or go on a casual date.  I even have plaid wellies that are indestructible and I consider the pair a part of my best fashion  investments. 

So, raise your pumpkin or caramel apple spice latte to plaid, a major player in any great wardrobe!

Jacket: Vivienne Westwood
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Angel Court Thessaly Necklace

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Mixtape

  I love a good mixtape. . . 

Hello, there!
The first post is always the most difficult, isn't it?  I have to decide how exactly to introduce myself, this blog and its purpose.  Introducing myself, well I'll just leave that up to my blog.  What someone loves defines the person, or at least gives a roundabout definition.  To know what I love is to know me.  Now, on to what this blog is about: what I love.  I've always been an overly involved person.  I love watching, wearing, reading, listening to, and being with a myriad of things and persons.  It's a little bit of a problem, because loving so many things makes one exhausted at the end of the day.  I can't keep these loves to myself and they've always spilled into conversations with friends.  
Life is a mixtape; this blog is playing my tracks.

After becoming sick, I've found it harder to go out and spread the news about a new designer, an exciting book or a great nonprofit that's getting started.  What good are your loves if you can't share them?  If you love something on here and you don't see a link to where you can find it, let me know and I'll try my hardest to help.  I give credit whenever I can to the the people who are or create the things I love and post here.

For those around in the mixtape 'era,' you can understand when I call this blog my own personal mixtape.  I'm recording it for my own benefit as much as anyone (if anyone) else.  The point is in the constant recording.   

Ciao for now.


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