Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dear Valentine, I made this for you

To all my valentines (my friends, family and loved ones),

This is my last Valentine's Day as a 'single' woman, and even though this is a silly Hallmark holiday, I still feel the need to celebrate. Over the past year, I've learned a really difficult lesson: it's impossible to love someone else unconditionally without first unconditionally loving yourself. I've been carrying around so much self-doubt and unnecessary, displaced guilt that I wasn't able to love any of you fully. I can do that now, and I hope that you embrace and love yourself unconditionally so you and I can have the loving relationship that we deserve.   

The more love you accept and have for yourself, the more you can show for others.  I truly believe that.  Love you all dearly!

Love always,
Your Anna

PS: I went a little craft crazy, so I really hope you all like homemade cards :)


Monday, February 11, 2013

A Passion for Compassion: Give Your Heart This Valentine's Day, No Roses Included!

I've had a longtime love affair with Heifer International, and Valentine's Day is one of the best opportunities you have to use Heifer to show unconditional love to your sweetie!  Most Valentine's Day gifts involve chocolates, roses, romantic date nights, etc., but I dare you to give an unconventional gift...something you'd never think could be even remotely romantic: a goat.  Or, a cow.  Hey, even a chicken!

Give a gift that's life-changing this Valentine's Day.
As wacky as this seems, I believe there's no better way to show love for your valentine than honoring that person by giving a gift in his or her name that could not only improve but possibly save the lives of a family or an entire community of people you've never met.  Have a passion for compassion this holiday by checking out this amazing organization and giving what you're able.  I promise, ladies like a man who has a giving heart!

Gift Different.  Give Heifer.


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